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Watkins Family Dentistry. We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions to treat a range of dental and oral problems. From providing basic teeth whitening to resolving damaging habits, like grinding, you can rely on our expertise to deliver the highest level of care that you deserve.
Watkins Family Dentistry is all about providing positive dental experiences to patients from all walks life. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals committed to helping you every step of the way. Our treatments are based on the most innovative technologies today, so you may expect to get your desired results quickly, recover fast, and get back to your regular routine in no time.
Our center is designed to make every member of your family at ease. We have a child-friendly environment and a well-mannered staff dedicated to making your visit a pleasant one. We offer sedation services to let you enjoy a pain-free treatment and feel comfortable throughout the entire process.
Say yes to a healthy mouth and a beautiful set of teeth with Watkins Family Dentistry. Take a tour of our site for more about our services. Contact us today for inquiries and to set up an appointment.

Watkins Family Dentistry – Gentle and Caring Cosmetic & Family Dentist serving the Elkhart and surrounding areas

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Crowns in 1 day!
We can do crowns in 1 day!
We often take our teeth for granted, until something goes wrong. Dental decay and infection can be a source of tremendous discomfort. A sports injury or other accident can lead to the loss of one or more teeth, making everyday activities such as eating, speaking and even sleeping difficult if not close to impossible.

Take preventative measures and call us today!
Take preventative measures and call us today!
Mother Nature does wonders, but teeth can become stressed and unhealthy or just wear out over time. Sometimes it is a blow to the mouth and at other times it is the result of long-term infections or health issues, but the outcome is the same-a tooth or several teeth must be removed and/or replaced.

FREE Consultation!
FREE Consultation!
Having a smile that looks great builds confidence and boost self-esteem. Often a person’s smile is the first thing that others notice and a great smile leaves a lasting impression. Lumineers present a swift, pain-free and stunning solution to getting that dream smile. In just two visits you can rapidly change your smile.

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